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Companies are always trying to find new products on which to plaster their brand. The pen with a company’s phone number on it placed strategically where it is obvious that a customer will steal it, has been a staple of dental offices for years. Recently, however, one of the newest trends in this sort of advertising capitalizes on the consumer’s need to use a product that is otherwise not always easily on hand. Tissue marketing is a simple premise that can yield great results.

It’s infuriating, especially during allergy season and flu season, to have a runny or stuffy nose while out and about. Tissue companies realized this fact relatively recently and came out with travel-sized tissue packs that can be easily slipped into a purse or pocket whenever the consumer feels they might need one. When dealing with having a cold or suffering from allergies, the simple ability to blow one’s nose can feel like a lifesaver. Tissue marketing builds on this idea by allowing businesses to print their ads on the front of one of these travel tissue packs. This can be a great form of advertising for multiple reasons.

First, unlike the old-fashioned advertisements on flyers, consumers are much less likely to simply throw out a pack of tissues. It’s human nature to hold onto things that might be useful, so the odds are good that most receivers of a tissue packet will pocket them rather than tossing them. Second, there is a subconscious link when using the branded tissues between the company’s name and the fact that you are glad to have a tissue in this situation. Third, people are always asking their friends if they have a tissue to spare. If someone is carrying around a company’s pack of tissues and are asked to share, the friend now will also see the ad. Overall, tissue marketing is an ingenious way to reach new audiences with your advertisements.