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Tissue Printing - 3 Key Advertising Benefits

The advertising industry is always looking for innovative, cost effective and powerful ways of getting a message across. One such strategy that has been proven to work is tissue printing.

Printing marketing messages on tissues began in Japan as far back as the 1960s. However, it has really taken off in the last few years. The reason is that giving away packets of tissues which have printed on them an advertiser’s message has proven to be an extremely effective and profitable way to advertise.

In Japan 3 – 5 billion tissues are given away each year. In that country alone it has become a billion yen industry with recorded ROIs of up to fourteen hundred percent! Put simply this low cost strategy works. It works because people everywhere use tissues.

For example if we were to hand out, for free, a flyer with a printed message on it and a pack of printed tissues, which of the two would a person be more likely to keep longer – the tissues of course. This is because they help meet a need and are useful. The consumer virtually has, at his/her fingertips, the advertiser’s message for a lot longer than other forms of advertising.

Here are 3 main benefits of tissue printing marketing:

  • The message gets in front of the consumer like few other forms of advertising.
  • Once in front of them the consumer is more likely to read the message rather than discard it immediately.
  • With the same message printed on each tissue the consumer is exposed to the product or service over and over again. This means that the message has a greater chance of being remembered.

While tissue printing is firmly established in Japan, it is beginning to spread in popularity into other countries. Nations such as Malaysia, US, Canada are seeing more and more tissue packet marketing because of the results it produces.