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A new secret weapon in brand advertising

One of the most difficult things for small brands to do is to get their branding in front of their target market on a consistent basis. Bar and grills have solved this problem by printing up match books that customers can take away with them to light cigarettes. A wonderful idea, match books give a practical tool that the people will hold onto, and they will get multiple exposures to branding at a small cost to the business.

The problem with match books however, is that they are not always the most appropriate thing to hand out. Most house wives have no use for cigarettes and giving younger kids a book of matches is largely irresponsible. This is where tissue advertisement comes into play.

At just 20 cents a package, you can hand out packages of tissues, which will have a near 100% success rate. It’s a practical thing that most women will take and put in their purse. As soon as one of their children makes a mess, they pull out a tissue, and are exposed to your brand. With multiple tissues they’re going to hold onto that package for some time, looking at it each time they go through their purse. This scores huge branding points in their subconscious, which is where most buying decisions take place. Add in some coupons in the package and you are sure to have a customer come in to the store for something at some point.

At the end of the day, tissue advertisement is a great way to build brand recognition and loyalty for a low cost. At 20 cents a package, you only need a few people to come in per order of tissue packs before you’ve paid for the tissues. It’s a no-brainer marketing tool that’s appropriate for every business.