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Pocket Tissues as Active Advertising

Finding interesting and effective ways to advertise a business can help make an marketing and advertising budget go farther. Tissue paper printing is the perfect option for getting a name and logo out to the public in an affordable way. People of all ages use tissues, so this presents a great opportunity for reaching potential clients and customers directly.

What makes this method of advertising so attractive is that it is inexpensive, useful, and even appreciated by the public. Rather than simply passing out a useless flyer as promotional material, businesses can pass out something with a purpose. The people who receive the tissues are also likely to share them with friends, colleagues, and family members. All of this leads to greater exposure for a brand.

The idea for using tissue packets as advertising began in Japan and quickly grew in popularity. This method is now employed by many businesses in many countries. Packets can cost as little as twenty cents, so it is one of the most cost effective forms of active marketing.

Tissues are such a basic and common product, and most people use them at some point throughout the day. Receiving a packet for free almost guarantees that people will use the papers, and this means that they will see the business name, images, and logo several times. It is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness.

Tissue paper printing can place high quality graphics onto a package for a very low price. Pocket size tissue packets can then be passed out or distributed easily in public as a free courtesy from a business. They are a convenient small size, so people can simply slip them into their pockets or hand bags. It is a very clever and effective advertising method that is gaining popularity around the globe.